5 Great Reasons To Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding


5 Great Reasons To Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

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Have you considered including a photo booth in your Thailand wedding reception? Photo booths are no longer a thing of the past, and are fast-becoming a much-loved addition to wedding receptions everywhere in the world. Even if you’ve already hired a professional photographer to cover your wedding, a photo booth is an exciting, interactive way for your guests to contribute to making your celebration even more memorable. Here are 5 great reasons that will make you reconsider adding a photo booth at your wedding:

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1. Photo print strips will make excellent party favors for your guests.

Even though you may already provide wedding souvenirs and thank-you gifts to your guests, the photos they’ve taken in your photo booth become more personal mementos that they will treasure, because these printed photos are tangible remembrances of their presence at your wedding day. Not only will your guests post their printed photo strips on their social media accounts, they will also treasure them and have them displayed or framed.

2. Our photo booth provides priceless memories  It’s pure fun for everyone.

Photo booths are excellent venues to unleash everyone’s inner wacky personality, and through the costumes and props made available in some photo booth rentals, they can create these fun and crazy photographs that your professional event photographer won’t be able to produce or capture. Photo booths are fun, interactive activities that your guests can engage in during your wedding reception, and gives your guests something to do and look forward to!

3.  Friendly and professional staff members are well versed in proper wedding etiquette and will continuously provide support to your guests during your event.  

The photo booth staff will help your guests with props, operating the machine, and finding their best pose for the camera. So there’s no need to worry that your guests might feel confused when in the photo booth, because there will always be  someone assisting them and making sure everyone gets to have their own photo booth photo taken and printed smoothly!

4.  You can use the prints to create an album for your coffee table, allowing you to enjoy cherished memories for years to come.

Thailand photo booth rental companies can compile all the photo booth photos taken by your guests and create a coffee table book or album that will remind you of all the lovely faces that were present during your special day. How heartwarming is that?

5.  The photo strips can be made available on Facebook or Instagram the day after the event.

After the wedding celebrations are over and everyone has gone home, that doesn’t mean that the fun times are completely forgotten right away. That wedding celebration high and fun times during your special day can be relived and instantly shared to the rest of your friends and family (and their friends and families as well) through sharing the photos in their social media accounts!

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Photo Booth J & S (Joy and Smile) is a Koh Samui-based photo booth rental company offering high-quality, professional photo booth services for destination weddings and other special events. For more information regarding their packages, services, and rates, please click here.


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