5 Tips on Planning Your Western Wedding in Thailand


5 Tips on Planning Your Western Wedding in Thailand

A destination wedding in Thailand need not necessarily be a Buddhist wedding. A non-denominational Western wedding in Thailand is a much sought-after dream by many couples all over the world. Here are a couple of tips to help you plan your much-awaited wedding celebration!

  1. Hire a professional wedding events planner

    Because of the increase in number of these non-denominational weddings of international couples, as well as same-sex wedding ceremonies which are also welcomed, many wedding planners and event companies offer entire Western wedding packages that cover all the essentials you’ll need for your celebration—from the wedding celebrant down to the wedding reception. These arrangements will help you streamline your wedding preparations. Though it is highly important that you choose your events planner wisely, and one that you can communicate well with.

  2. Choose an experienced wedding celebrant

    Language is an important thing in any celebration, and as much as possible opt for a wedding celebrant that speaks the language of your choice, and speaks it well, and also carries himself confidently, with a commanding presence. It is vital that everyone is understanding each other well during the ceremony and you would want to avoid any miscommunication.  Your wedding celebrant can also assist you in creating your wedding vows.

  3. Choose the best location for your destination wedding in Thailand

    Destination weddings have an exotic feeling to them, and one of the main reasons why people choose a destination wedding over a regular wedding back in their home countries is because they would like to try something different and make the experience even more memorable. While you can always do a beach wedding or an outdoor winter wedding in Thailand, there are also other unconventional wedding locations you can try, such as a wedding by the limestone cliffs or an underwater ceremony—skies the limit! For non resort western wedding with a Thai rural theme try a Christian wedding in northern Thailand. Just don’t forget to consider the weather when setting the big date!

  4. Plan everything as early as possible

    Planning a wedding in another country you’re unfamiliar with can pose many great challenges, and with bearing these in mind it’s always best to plan your destination wedding as early as you can, to ensure that the wedding suppliers you want will be available on the date of your choice, and that you have ample time to prepare for your important legal paperwork before you fly to Thailand for the big day. While there are always uncertainties in planning big life events, it’s best to provide a leeway to correct any mishaps or miscommunications.

  5. Research, research, research!

    The internet is your source for everything you will need for your wedding in Thailand . Here in Thailand Wedding Guru, you can find all the suppliers and planners you will need for that Western wedding in Thailand!

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