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3 Facts About Wedding Garters

Wedding garters and the tradition of wedding garter tossing have been around for generations and are done in many countries. Getting married soon and deciding if you should have a wedding garter tossing tradition during your wedding celebration? Here are 5 enlightening wedding garter facts!


Wedding garters’ original purpose is to hold up the bride’s stockings — But it has evolved into a well-loved tradition during wedding celebrations. The groom will remove the bride’s wedding garter, to be tossed around and caught by one of the male guests (who are unmarried). He will then place the wedding garter onto the leg of the lucky female guest (who must also be unmarried) who caught the bride’s bouquet. As the recipients of the wedding garter and bridal bouquet, it is said that these 2 lucky individuals will be the ones to marry soon.

You can wear two wedding garters – Naturally you would want to keep your wedding garter as it is an important part of your wedding ensemble, and one that you might want to hand to your future children as an heirloom. That’s why you can opt to get a wedding garter set that comes with 2 wedding garters: one for the garter tossing tradition, and one more ornately-decorated garter for you to keep. Both garters are placed on the same leg, with the garter you would like to keep placed higher on your thigh, and the garter for tossing placed just above your knee.

Wedding garters come in a wide range of styles and designs – There are so many options when it comes to wedding garters, and ideally you can choose one that matches your wedding dress and color/motif of choice. Whether it be vintage, modern, bohemian, romantic, or traditional, there is bound to be a wedding garter that will suit your wedding style. You can even make your wedding garter fun and wacky by choosing one (to keep) that is personalized with you and your partner’s names, or one that comes in a theme reflecting your partner’s interests. Do not forget that your wedding garter will also feature in some of your wedding photos, that’s why it’s important to choose one that reflects the style and design of your choice, but also one that will look flattering on your leg and one that has details that will photograph beautifully.

The wedding garter tradition is one that you should definitely not miss during your wedding, and the perfect wedding garter will make this tradition even more memorable.




Top Wedding Garter Styles

Your wedding garter is an important detail in your entire wedding ensemble. Just because it will be hidden during most of your wedding celebration does not mean that it’s irrelevant, as wedding garter tossing traditions are among the most highly-anticipated ceremonies during your wedding reception. There are various wedding garter styles to choose from, and here’s a handy guide to what’s out there and the most recommended styles.


  1. Vintage – We all know that you can never go wrong with vintage, and vintage garters always come packed with an oomph factor with all that beautiful and ornate lace trimming, delicate feathers, bows and/or floral ornaments, intricate beading and other sparkly details. A vintage garter also usually comes with a mesh ruffled trim that gives the garter this romantic and feminine look.
  2. Simple and chic – If you’re wearing a wedding gown that’s more on the elegant, modern, and chic side, a simple garter with minimal trimming works best to complement your wedding gown. Simple wedding garters often come with a delicate lace trim, minimal ornamental details, and perhaps just an addition of a complementary color to make it stand out. Some may also be a simple band decorated with a simple floral lace applique, a rhinestone, simple beads, or others.
  3. Bold colors – Want to make that garter really stand out? Some garters come in bold color choices, such as a romantic, deep red that exudes sexiness and romance, or an all-black garter that simply spells out utter sophistication. Your wedding garter can be bold, fun, and can ultimately go against the grain from the traditional wedding garters people are accustomed to. Wow your guests with a bold color choice!
  4. Bling – Bedazzle your entire wedding celebration with a wedding garter that truly sparkles! Gemstone or rhinestone-studded wedding garters are quite popular among brides, and with good reason, because this wedding garter style adds that certain touch of luxury and elegance, and is a fool-proof style that will look good on your legs and will photograph beautifully.
  5. Floral touch – For an ultra feminine wedding garter choice, floral ornaments on a wedding garter add a natural, soft, and classy touch. Florals can come in the form of fabric flowers, lace flowers/applique, hand-beaded floral details, or even floral touches made of gold and silver, adorned with precious stones or gems.

If you’re having a Thai destination wedding by the beach, you can also opt for a wedding garter inspired by the sea, beach, and tropics, too!


Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Garter

Every small detail during your wedding day should not be overlooked, and this includes choosing the perfect wedding garter for your special day.  It’s a common question among many brides out there: “How do I know which wedding garter will suit me best?” Here are a handful of tips that will help you decide.


  1. Style/design – Your wedding dress’ style can clue you in on what garter style will be appropriate. Is it vintage, retro, romantic, glamorous, chic, modern, bohemian, or traditional? Wedding garters come in various styles, so you can opt to choose one that complements your wedding gown. An important factor to consider is choosing a garter style that will not create unsightly bumps or marks on your dress’ silhouette (especially if your dress is quite form-fitting in the thigh area). Garters also come in various designs, some very ornate and heavily trimmed with lace, gemstones/rhinestones and beading, bows, and more—while some come in more simplistic designs with minimal trimmings like a simple and delicate lace design with just a pop of color.
  2. Color – Wedding garters usually come in the usual wedding colors (white, beige, pastels), trimmed with lace, ribbons, and other designs. However you can always make your wedding garter choice a fun one that involves a pop of color, even one that matches your wedding’s color palette or theme. Whether it be pastels, hot pink, or striking black trimming, the wedding garter can be as conservative or as unconventional as you want it to be.
  3. Fit – It is important that you choose a wedding garter that fits comfortably since you will be wearing it during your entire ceremony. You don’t want one that will cut off your circulation, or one that will have trimmings (i.e. lace) that will irritate your skin. Make sure the garter stretches to a width that’s comfortable for your thigh. Your wedding garter must also look flattering on your leg, will photograph well, and will complement your choice of footwear, too. A lot of garters come in a one-size-fits-all size, but that doesn’t mean that it is instantly a good choice right away. Before purchasing, fit the garter and see if it holds in place or if it’s too tight.
  4. To get one, or two? – The garter tossing tradition is one that is always a much-awaited part of the wedding reception or after party, in which your lucky guest will get to keep your wedding garter. In case you’d like to keep your wedding garter, you can opt to get a wedding garter set, which are 2 wedding garters, a simpler one for the garter tossing ceremony, and one more ornate and special for you to keep as a memorabilia, and even as an heirloom to pass on to your future children.

Here in Thailand wedding garters are expertly and elegantly handcrafted, perfect for your Thailand destination wedding. Remember: choosing a wedding garter should be a fun and easy decision, and hopefully these tips have helped you figure out the right wedding garter for you. Enjoy and happy choosing!


3 Wonderful Wedding Ceremonies To Include In Your Thai Destination Wedding

There are many ways to make your Thai wedding ceremony even more meaningful and significant to both you and your partner. Whether you want to incorporate some exotic Asian or Thai culture into your ceremony, or desiring meaningful gestures that symbolize your love for each other, these wonderful wedding ceremonies can be that special touch you are looking for to make your special day even more unforgettable.


Water Blessing Ceremony

This Thai Buddhist ritual is one that’s very meaningful and considered as the most important part of a southern Thai wedding ceremony. The bride and groom sit and kneel down side by side on a blessed table/pedestal. Using a special conch shell, their guests (who must be older than the couple) take turns in slowly pouring holy water on both the couple’s hands. This signifies a blessing of their special loving union and is a truly wonderful experience that is said to bring you and your partner good fortune n life, and of course, make your wedding ceremony an even more memorable moment in your lives. In the north of thailand is the Knot tying ceremony


Sky Lantern Wedding Ceremony

Popular amongst beach weddings. during sundown to nighttime couples can light sky lanterns and release them into the night sky. This mesmerising ceremony is a beautiful sight to behold both for the newlyweds, as well as the wedding guests. This ceremony signifies prosperity, as well as good fortune for the future of the newlyweds. The lanterns may also have written wishes inside, and coloured lanterns with significant meaning may also be used—the color purple signifying opportunities for the future, and green coloured lanterns signifying growth.


Sand Blessing Ceremony

This ceremony requires two kinds of sands taken from various locations, to be poured simultaneously by the bride and the groom into one special vial (that can be decorated or engraved with you and your partners’ wedding monogram or initials, or have a special design that’s meaningful or representative of your union. The vial can be used for display afterwards as a loving reminder in your home). The sand can be taken from locations that have special meaning to you and your partner. The sand used may also be multicoloured, for more visual appeal.This ceremony signifies the union of two people as well as their respective families. It’s a ceremony that further emphasises the strong bond between two hearts.


5 Tips on Planning Your Western Wedding in Thailand

A destination wedding in Thailand need not necessarily be a Buddhist wedding. A non-denominational Western wedding in Thailand is a much sought-after dream by many couples all over the world. Here are a couple of tips to help you plan your much-awaited wedding celebration!

  1. Hire a professional wedding events planner

    Because of the increase in number of these non-denominational weddings of international couples, as well as same-sex wedding ceremonies which are also welcomed, many wedding planners and event companies offer entire Western wedding packages that cover all the essentials you’ll need for your celebration—from the wedding celebrant down to the wedding reception. These arrangements will help you streamline your wedding preparations. Though it is highly important that you choose your events planner wisely, and one that you can communicate well with.

  2. Choose an experienced wedding celebrant

    Language is an important thing in any celebration, and as much as possible opt for a wedding celebrant that speaks the language of your choice, and speaks it well, and also carries himself confidently, with a commanding presence. It is vital that everyone is understanding each other well during the ceremony and you would want to avoid any miscommunication.  Your wedding celebrant can also assist you in creating your wedding vows.

  3. Choose the best location for your destination wedding in Thailand

    Destination weddings have an exotic feeling to them, and one of the main reasons why people choose a destination wedding over a regular wedding back in their home countries is because they would like to try something different and make the experience even more memorable. While you can always do a beach wedding or an outdoor winter wedding in Thailand, there are also other unconventional wedding locations you can try, such as a wedding by the limestone cliffs or an underwater ceremony—skies the limit! For non resort western wedding with a Thai rural theme try a Christian wedding in northern Thailand. Just don’t forget to consider the weather when setting the big date!

  4. Plan everything as early as possible

    Planning a wedding in another country you’re unfamiliar with can pose many great challenges, and with bearing these in mind it’s always best to plan your destination wedding as early as you can, to ensure that the wedding suppliers you want will be available on the date of your choice, and that you have ample time to prepare for your important legal paperwork before you fly to Thailand for the big day. While there are always uncertainties in planning big life events, it’s best to provide a leeway to correct any mishaps or miscommunications.

  5. Research, research, research!

    The internet is your source for everything you will need for your wedding in Thailand . Here in Thailand Wedding Guru, you can find all the suppliers and planners you will need for that Western wedding in Thailand!


5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Thai Destination Wedding

If you are looking to have a destination wedding in Southeast Asia, here are a couple of reasons why a Thai destination wedding might be the perfect location for that unique and exciting wedding you’ve been longing for. Already hitched? Make that renewal of vows extra special. Let the many wonders of Thailand enchant you and your partner!


  1. The most stunning beach weddings imaginable

As a tropical country blessed with beautiful shores and picturesque views of the sea, Thailand is considered as a popular, much-loved destination to have beach weddings at. Whether you choose a wedding in Phuket or Krabi with majestic views of the Andaman Sea, or Koh Samui with the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Thailand, you have many options to choose from for that perfect beachside wedding with that dreamy tropical sunset.


2. One-of-a-kind, exotic winter weddings in Northern Thailand

If you aren’t a beach person, Thailand can still work for you and your dream destination wedding as the North of Thailand has a cool climate and features rich natural and lush landscapes, such as the province of Chiang Mai.


3. Home of some of the best luxury accommodations and resorts in the world

The most important day of your lives deserves extra special accommodations, and in Thailand, 5-star luxury hotels and resorts are in abundance, featuring world-renowned Thai hospitality, luxurious pampering and spa services, as well as stunning architecture and the finest cuisine.



4. Booming destination wedding industry

Many international couples have been drawn in by Thailand’s natural charm and beauty, and as a popular destination wedding location in Southeast Asia, it is also home to the best wedding suppliers from all over the world—expert wedding planners, talented wedding photographers and videographers, international event stylists and entertainment providers, world-class wedding caterers and pastry chefs, and much more. You can be confident that your wedding in Thailand will be the best that it can be, and that your envisioned celebration can be executed flawlessly.


5. Wonderful Thai cuisine – A culinary experience

Thai cuisine is among the world’s best, the gem of Southeast Asian Cuisine! Featuring a wide array of rich flavors, natural ingredients, and distinct spices—a truly unforgettable culinary journey awaits you and your partner, as well as your wedding’s special guests! Thailand is also home to some of the world’s most talented international chefs that transform Thai cuisine into updated Asian-fusion dishes to give them a modern day twist. The unparalleled Thai cuisine will definitely enchant your tastebuds!


Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of chic tropical wedding destinations hot spots, but just maybe it should be. As it is not so overly commercialized as many other tropical locals have become, now only seeming to offer cookie cutter tourist weddings packages in international chain resorts with each resort offering a version of the next resorts wedding package, where the couples are run through as if on an assembly line. Hardly chic is it.


In Thailand all weddings considered special and important, thus are a joyous occasion. We love to enjoy and share this special occasion and consider it a compliment that you would consider coming to Thailand to celebrate your special day here with us. That love of weddings explains part of the reason, why we have what has been called one of the most romantic wedding ceremonies in the world. The Lanna Buddhist wedding ceremony has been claimed so, as those weddings are truly spiritual, romantic and a fascinating binding experience. Not to forget fun and worry free.

How ever Kingdom, bestows on you many different types of mean full and exotic wedding ceremonies to choose from, in a diverse array of venues such as lush tropical garden weddings in Chiang Mai. , or beach weddings in Koi Samui , chapel weddings on Phuket island at the Sala Phuket or even cathedral weddings in Bangkok.

I am sure the first thing you are thinking is “Why not in a Buddhist temple?”. That is easy; Buddhist Thai people do not get married in the temple. True it is an interregnal part of our wedding process as we go and ask for blessings from the monk or monks there. However monks do not actually perform the wedding ceremony itself, the village elders do, along with a local wedding.

The legal paperwork to register your wedding here is more of a hurdle than in many other countries (A least we do not draw blood). However, that has it positive side, because of the paperwork system, just about every country in the world, considers a legally registered Thai wedding as a legally recognized marriage “back home”. No legal problems with our marriages, like has happened in the past with Bali weddings being declared void in some cases.



One could say we tie the knot, good and tight here!

In fact it is part of our traditional Buddhist wedding ceremony, so we will actually tie the two of you together as part of the northern Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony, if you decide you wish to experience it. I promise it will be a life enriching ceremony for sure.