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Are you planning a destination wedding in Koh Chang, Thailand? If you’re eyeing for a tropical beach wedding amidst beautiful sands and shores, but want to spare yourself the challenging aspect of planning such an elaborate affair in a foreign country, you can seek the services of Koh Chang Wedding Planner.

Your wedding should ideally be all about you celebrating your love and having a spectacular time, not worrying about sourcing and coordinating with wedding suppliers and dealing with the nitty gritty details of making your wedding come to life. Oftentimes, especially in destination weddings, it’s much better to hire professional wedding planners who will make wedding planning a breeze for the both of you.

Koh Chang Wedding Planner offers wedding planning services for various types of weddings such as beach weddings, Buddhist blessing wedding, exclusive beach wedding, exclusive Thai traditional wedding, and exclusive Thai traditional beach wedding.

For destination weddings, beach weddings are a popular choice among most couples coming from all over the globe. From the location, to location decor such as gazebos, arches, flowers, bridal bouquet, as well as background music, photography, wedding certificate, master of ceremony, wedding cake, hotel transfers, make up artist, and more—Koh Chang Wedding Planner has got it all those details covered.

For Buddhist couples, Koh Chang Wedding Planner’s package includes location and decor, as well as 3 monks (including their transportation and meals), Buddhist praying tools, Thai water pouring ceremony, wedding certificate, cake, photography, makeup artist, hotel room transfer, and much more.

Exclusive packages with added premium services are also available for those 2 options mentioned for couples who prefer a more grandiose and luxurious celebration.

Let Koh Chang Wedding Planner take care of your wedding celebration for a hassle-free wedding experience that will make your wedding a dream. With years of experience and connections to the best wedding suppliers Koh Chang has to offer, their attentive service and flawless execution will definitely make your special day a celebration to remember. Package rates for their services are reasonable and they will customize a package that will suit your preferences as well as your budget.

For a free quotation, and to further discuss your wedding preferences and ideas, you may contact their dedicated team using the details below.



Aditional Information

Aditional Information
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Koh Chang Wedding Planner
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Koh Chang Wedding Planner
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Koh Chang Wedding Planner
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Koh Chang Wedding Planner

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