Vivaris Wedding Studio

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Vivaris Wedding Studio is a Bangkok wedding studio offering wedding dresses, pre-wedding studio photography, and hair and makeup services. Located in the heart of the city, this wedding studio caters to brides who are having a Bangkok wedding, as well as brides from all over the world flying to Thailand to have their dream destination wedding in the tropical islands of the country.

Every bride deserves a wedding dress with a style and fit that’s tailored to her body and embodies the true essence of her beauty. Vivaris has a range of luxury wedding dresses expertly crafted by their team with over 20 years of experience. Apart from superior sewing techniques and craftsmanship, fashionable styles ranging from classic to modern/trendy, each dress is made from premium fabric, exquisite lace trimmings, and embellishments that will truly create a statement when you walk down the aisle. Vivaris has a selection of Thai wedding dresses and Muslim ceremonial dresses too, ranging from traditional to styles that incorporate more modern touches—Vivaris has that classic but modern dress you are eyeing for your religious wedding ceremony.

After completing the bridal look, Vivaris Bangkok Wedding Studio also offers services for pre-wedding photography. Capture you and your partner’s love and union in a beautiful, professional, and romantic photo shoot. Whether you’d like to have your shoot in one of Thailand’s many tropical paradises, a modern shoot in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Bangkok, a scenic countryside wedding shoot, or simply a dramatic and emotional studio photo shoot with dramatic lighting—Vivaris Wedding Studio captures you and your partner’s love in the best light possible, and provides you with high-quality photographs that you and your family will truly cherish.

Apart from gorgeous wedding dresses and pre-wedding photography, Vivaris Wedding Studio also provides professional bridal makeup for your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding ceremony.

And it doesn’t stop there! This dynamic wedding studio also provides exquisite floral decorations for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. From arches, to floral sculptures, to full floral backdrops and more, styling and floral artistry come hand in hand to create a vibrant wedding atmosphere for your special celebration.

For your wedding needs, Vivaris Wedding Studio has a lot to offer to make your wedding planning more convenient, and for your wedding celebration to be truly memorable and spectacular. Learn more about their full range of services, and schedule an appointment with them through the contact details listed below.



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Vivaris Wedding Studio
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Vivaris Wedding Studio
  • By Vivaris Wedding Studio
  • Address: 302/1 Asoke-Dindeang, Dindaeng, Bangkok, 10400
  • Phone: 02-247-1446 , 081-496-4652
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Vivaris Wedding Studio
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Vivaris Wedding Studio

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