5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Thai Destination Wedding


5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Thai Destination Wedding

If you are looking to have a destination wedding in Southeast Asia, here are a couple of reasons why a Thai destination wedding might be the perfect location for that unique and exciting wedding you’ve been longing for. Already hitched? Make that renewal of vows extra special. Let the many wonders of Thailand enchant you and your partner!


  1. The most stunning beach weddings imaginable

As a tropical country blessed with beautiful shores and picturesque views of the sea, Thailand is considered as a popular, much-loved destination to have beach weddings at. Whether you choose a wedding in Phuket or Krabi with majestic views of the Andaman Sea, or Koh Samui with the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Thailand, you have many options to choose from for that perfect beachside wedding with that dreamy tropical sunset.


2. One-of-a-kind, exotic winter weddings in Northern Thailand

If you aren’t a beach person, Thailand can still work for you and your dream destination wedding as the North of Thailand has a cool climate and features rich natural and lush landscapes, such as the province of Chiang Mai.


3. Home of some of the best luxury accommodations and resorts in the world

The most important day of your lives deserves extra special accommodations, and in Thailand, 5-star luxury hotels and resorts are in abundance, featuring world-renowned Thai hospitality, luxurious pampering and spa services, as well as stunning architecture and the finest cuisine.



4. Booming destination wedding industry

Many international couples have been drawn in by Thailand’s natural charm and beauty, and as a popular destination wedding location in Southeast Asia, it is also home to the best wedding suppliers from all over the world—expert wedding planners, talented wedding photographers and videographers, international event stylists and entertainment providers, world-class wedding caterers and pastry chefs, and much more. You can be confident that your wedding in Thailand will be the best that it can be, and that your envisioned celebration can be executed flawlessly.


5. Wonderful Thai cuisine – A culinary experience

Thai cuisine is among the world’s best, the gem of Southeast Asian Cuisine! Featuring a wide array of rich flavors, natural ingredients, and distinct spices—a truly unforgettable culinary journey awaits you and your partner, as well as your wedding’s special guests! Thailand is also home to some of the world’s most talented international chefs that transform Thai cuisine into updated Asian-fusion dishes to give them a modern day twist. The unparalleled Thai cuisine will definitely enchant your tastebuds!

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