3 Wonderful Wedding Ceremonies To Include In Your Thai Destination Wedding


3 Wonderful Wedding Ceremonies To Include In Your Thai Destination Wedding

There are many ways to make your Thai wedding ceremony even more meaningful and significant to both you and your partner. Whether you want to incorporate some exotic Asian or Thai culture into your ceremony, or desiring meaningful gestures that symbolize your love for each other, these wonderful wedding ceremonies can be that special touch you are looking for to make your special day even more unforgettable.


Water Blessing Ceremony

This Thai Buddhist ritual is one that’s very meaningful and considered as the most important part of a southern Thai wedding ceremony. The bride and groom sit and kneel down side by side on a blessed table/pedestal. Using a special conch shell, their guests (who must be older than the couple) take turns in slowly pouring holy water on both the couple’s hands. This signifies a blessing of their special loving union and is a truly wonderful experience that is said to bring you and your partner good fortune n life, and of course, make your wedding ceremony an even more memorable moment in your lives. In the north of thailand is the Knot tying ceremony


Sky Lantern Wedding Ceremony

Popular amongst beach weddings. during sundown to nighttime couples can light sky lanterns and release them into the night sky. This mesmerising ceremony is a beautiful sight to behold both for the newlyweds, as well as the wedding guests. This ceremony signifies prosperity, as well as good fortune for the future of the newlyweds. The lanterns may also have written wishes inside, and coloured lanterns with significant meaning may also be used—the color purple signifying opportunities for the future, and green coloured lanterns signifying growth.


Sand Blessing Ceremony

This ceremony requires two kinds of sands taken from various locations, to be poured simultaneously by the bride and the groom into one special vial (that can be decorated or engraved with you and your partners’ wedding monogram or initials, or have a special design that’s meaningful or representative of your union. The vial can be used for display afterwards as a loving reminder in your home). The sand can be taken from locations that have special meaning to you and your partner. The sand used may also be multicoloured, for more visual appeal.This ceremony signifies the union of two people as well as their respective families. It’s a ceremony that further emphasises the strong bond between two hearts.

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