5 Important Tips in Planning your Thai Destination Wedding


5 Important Tips in Planning your Thai Destination Wedding

Wedding planning is generally a challenging hurdle every couple needs to get through, but planning a destination wedding in a country not your own is another hurdle altogether. Minimize your planning woes and stresses, as here are a few Thailand destination wedding planning tips and some expert advice!


  1. Choose a location with the weather and logistics in consideration

    – As a tropical country, Thailand’s weather can vary from hot and humid to rainy, so if you’re planning an outdoor beach wedding (a popular choice amongst international destination wedding couples), do your research and consult with the seasonal forecast. Thailand is comprised of many wondrous locations that feature stunning natural features, so also choose one which reflects you and your partner’s personalities, keeping in mind logistics and travel transfers for you and your wedding guests, too.

  2. Choose a reliable and trusted wedding planner

    – Since a lot of the planning will have to be made before you arrive Thailand, not only is it extremely recommended that you hire a wedding planner, but also to choose one that you can be comfortable with in making your important wedding plans and one who you can entrust to make some wedding decisions in your behalf. Read clients’ testimonials and FAQ sections in their websites to get to know your wedding planner a little bit more. He or she will have an in-depth knowledge and experience in the wedding location unfamiliar to you, so it’s best to hire a wedding planner who knows what he or she is doing rather than you trying to plan everything out yourself, which will only stress you out and keep you from enjoying your wedding holiday. Also, a possible language barrier can exist so do choose a planner whom you feel comfortable communicating with and one who really understands what you want.

  3. Make sure you bring all your necessary documents

    – A wedding in Thailand for foreigners requires you to have all your necessary personal documents, and these need to be arranged in Bangkok firstly. Do your research and coordinate with your respective embassies to ensure that you have all the paperwork down pat. Or Better still engage the services of an expert on legal marriages like Legally Married in Thailand   Because if it isn’t a legal marriage your having,  what is your  Thailand destination wedding?

  4. Make it special and incorporate some Thai culture

    – Since you’re in an exotic, exciting country steeped in rich culture and history, it’s a great idea to incorporate a few elements of the local culture into your ceremony, such as a Thai water blessing. Make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful and memorable with a touch of Asian influence!

  5. Choose a talented wedding photographer

    – Photography is of utmost importance when you’re planning your exotic destination wedding—You’d want to treasure this moment forever and share your beautiful experience via photos to your friends and family back home.

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