Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Garter


Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Garter

Every small detail during your wedding day should not be overlooked, and this includes choosing the perfect wedding garter for your special day.  It’s a common question among many brides out there: “How do I know which wedding garter will suit me best?” Here are a handful of tips that will help you decide.


  1. Style/design – Your wedding dress’ style can clue you in on what garter style will be appropriate. Is it vintage, retro, romantic, glamorous, chic, modern, bohemian, or traditional? Wedding garters come in various styles, so you can opt to choose one that complements your wedding gown. An important factor to consider is choosing a garter style that will not create unsightly bumps or marks on your dress’ silhouette (especially if your dress is quite form-fitting in the thigh area). Garters also come in various designs, some very ornate and heavily trimmed with lace, gemstones/rhinestones and beading, bows, and more—while some come in more simplistic designs with minimal trimmings like a simple and delicate lace design with just a pop of color.
  2. Color – Wedding garters usually come in the usual wedding colors (white, beige, pastels), trimmed with lace, ribbons, and other designs. However you can always make your wedding garter choice a fun one that involves a pop of color, even one that matches your wedding’s color palette or theme. Whether it be pastels, hot pink, or striking black trimming, the wedding garter can be as conservative or as unconventional as you want it to be.
  3. Fit – It is important that you choose a wedding garter that fits comfortably since you will be wearing it during your entire ceremony. You don’t want one that will cut off your circulation, or one that will have trimmings (i.e. lace) that will irritate your skin. Make sure the garter stretches to a width that’s comfortable for your thigh. Your wedding garter must also look flattering on your leg, will photograph well, and will complement your choice of footwear, too. A lot of garters come in a one-size-fits-all size, but that doesn’t mean that it is instantly a good choice right away. Before purchasing, fit the garter and see if it holds in place or if it’s too tight.
  4. To get one, or two? – The garter tossing tradition is one that is always a much-awaited part of the wedding reception or after party, in which your lucky guest will get to keep your wedding garter. In case you’d like to keep your wedding garter, you can opt to get a wedding garter set, which are 2 wedding garters, a simpler one for the garter tossing ceremony, and one more ornate and special for you to keep as a memorabilia, and even as an heirloom to pass on to your future children.

Here in Thailand wedding garters are expertly and elegantly handcrafted, perfect for your Thailand destination wedding. Remember: choosing a wedding garter should be a fun and easy decision, and hopefully these tips have helped you figure out the right wedding garter for you. Enjoy and happy choosing!

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