Top Wedding Garter Styles


Top Wedding Garter Styles

Your wedding garter is an important detail in your entire wedding ensemble. Just because it will be hidden during most of your wedding celebration does not mean that it’s irrelevant, as wedding garter tossing traditions are among the most highly-anticipated ceremonies during your wedding reception. There are various wedding garter styles to choose from, and here’s a handy guide to what’s out there and the most recommended styles.


  1. Vintage – We all know that you can never go wrong with vintage, and vintage garters always come packed with an oomph factor with all that beautiful and ornate lace trimming, delicate feathers, bows and/or floral ornaments, intricate beading and other sparkly details. A vintage garter also usually comes with a mesh ruffled trim that gives the garter this romantic and feminine look.
  2. Simple and chic – If you’re wearing a wedding gown that’s more on the elegant, modern, and chic side, a simple garter with minimal trimming works best to complement your wedding gown. Simple wedding garters often come with a delicate lace trim, minimal ornamental details, and perhaps just an addition of a complementary color to make it stand out. Some may also be a simple band decorated with a simple floral lace applique, a rhinestone, simple beads, or others.
  3. Bold colors – Want to make that garter really stand out? Some garters come in bold color choices, such as a romantic, deep red that exudes sexiness and romance, or an all-black garter that simply spells out utter sophistication. Your wedding garter can be bold, fun, and can ultimately go against the grain from the traditional wedding garters people are accustomed to. Wow your guests with a bold color choice!
  4. Bling – Bedazzle your entire wedding celebration with a wedding garter that truly sparkles! Gemstone or rhinestone-studded wedding garters are quite popular among brides, and with good reason, because this wedding garter style adds that certain touch of luxury and elegance, and is a fool-proof style that will look good on your legs and will photograph beautifully.
  5. Floral touch – For an ultra feminine wedding garter choice, floral ornaments on a wedding garter add a natural, soft, and classy touch. Florals can come in the form of fabric flowers, lace flowers/applique, hand-beaded floral details, or even floral touches made of gold and silver, adorned with precious stones or gems.

If you’re having a Thai destination wedding by the beach, you can also opt for a wedding garter inspired by the sea, beach, and tropics, too!

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