3 Facts About Wedding Garters


3 Facts About Wedding Garters

Wedding garters and the tradition of wedding garter tossing have been around for generations and are done in many countries. Getting married soon and deciding if you should have a wedding garter tossing tradition during your wedding celebration? Here are 5 enlightening wedding garter facts!


Wedding garters’ original purpose is to hold up the bride’s stockings — But it has evolved into a well-loved tradition during wedding celebrations. The groom will remove the bride’s wedding garter, to be tossed around and caught by one of the male guests (who are unmarried). He will then place the wedding garter onto the leg of the lucky female guest (who must also be unmarried) who caught the bride’s bouquet. As the recipients of the wedding garter and bridal bouquet, it is said that these 2 lucky individuals will be the ones to marry soon.

You can wear two wedding garters – Naturally you would want to keep your wedding garter as it is an important part of your wedding ensemble, and one that you might want to hand to your future children as an heirloom. That’s why you can opt to get a wedding garter set that comes with 2 wedding garters: one for the garter tossing tradition, and one more ornately-decorated garter for you to keep. Both garters are placed on the same leg, with the garter you would like to keep placed higher on your thigh, and the garter for tossing placed just above your knee.

Wedding garters come in a wide range of styles and designs – There are so many options when it comes to wedding garters, and ideally you can choose one that matches your wedding dress and color/motif of choice. Whether it be vintage, modern, bohemian, romantic, or traditional, there is bound to be a wedding garter that will suit your wedding style. You can even make your wedding garter fun and wacky by choosing one (to keep) that is personalized with you and your partner’s names, or one that comes in a theme reflecting your partner’s interests. Do not forget that your wedding garter will also feature in some of your wedding photos, that’s why it’s important to choose one that reflects the style and design of your choice, but also one that will look flattering on your leg and one that has details that will photograph beautifully.

The wedding garter tradition is one that you should definitely not miss during your wedding, and the perfect wedding garter will make this tradition even more memorable.



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